Abandoned house flipping project damages neighbor's property values

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- Property values are dropping in a neighborhood near 30th and Martha due to a house flipping project gone wrong.

A neighbor to the abandoned project, Paul Pecha, works hard to keep his home’s curb appeal up to standards. It has become difficult with the neighboring fixer upper’s yard creeping on to his own.

“All these weeds like this, they’re growing over into my yard,” said Pecha.

According to Pecha, the remodeling of the house began but then was abandoned, leaving the house an eyesore.

“The yard is what’s really irritating to see like this,” said Pecha.

Pieces of the project are piled along the outside and the neighbors fear what might be inside the house.

“I wonder if there are any mice, rats or raccoons in there,” said Pecha.

A violation notice was sent to the current owner of the property stating that if the yard isn’t maintained the city will do it, for a fine.

Gerald Rychnovsky, another neighbor, sees potential in the house.

“Keep the weeds down and it would be enough to keep it looking pretty good,” said Rychnovsky.

The owner of the property, Eddie Rosales, was seen cleaning up the yard but had no comment on why it had taken him this long.

According to city records, the city has sent seven litter and weed violations to the same property and all but one time, the listed owner complied.