A taxpayer didn't expect this bang for his buck

When you live on a street and highway a homeowner should expect that traffic noise goes with the territory. But a Florence homeowner complains of an annoying sound he shouldn’t have to live with almost daily.

Sitting by their pool is relaxing for Ray and Sharon Perrigo until a passing truck causes a ripple effect of noise. Sharon Perrigo said, “Well if the trucks are empty it’s kind of a rattle of all the equipment on their truck like the tailgates and stuff which is very loud.”

The couple who live on the corner of Highway 75 and Reynolds said the city installed a patch over most of the street. Ray Perrigo said, “It’s not even with the road at all and when they came out and fixed it, it was humped up and then they ground it out and put blacktop in and its sunk down and so it gives a jump to the trucks when they go through there and makes all kinds of racket.”

Nearly a half-century living next to a combination street and highway the Perrigo’s have grown to tolerate most traffic noise. But as taxpayers, they say a rough patch has left them with a bang for their buck.

Omaha Street Maintenance Engineer Austin Rowser sent a statement to Six On Your Side.

"Street Maintenance has provided service to this location twice in 2019. In March, the potholes at the location were filled. Later in June, a large patch was placed to eliminate a bump in the roadway caused by thermal expansion. The patch that was placed is sound and conforms to standard practice for large-scale asphalt patching. This location was again investigated today by Street Maintenance management and found to be in good condition."

"This is a major arterial street and also a state highway. It carries very heavy traffic including a significant quantity of truck traffic. Vibrations and street noises on this type of street are common, especially several years into the life cycle of these pavements. There are multiple patches along this stretch of the state highway; many of which are not as smooth as the new patch at this location. Eventually, this street will be resurfaced and restored to a like-new state."