A bit of advice from a man with a gun

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- With three suspects in custody for a string of New Year’s Day robberies, the man who engaged the bandits in a shootout at their last stop is offering some advice: don’t do what he did.

“Most people with a CCW permit do not have my past training, my past knowledge, my past experience,” R.D. said.

He brought all that with him when he stopped by the Phillips 66 station at the same time armed robbers arrived. An exchange of gunfire soon followed.

“There were a couple shots fired,” he said. “The first couple shots were not by me.”

R.D. is a former Omaha Police officer. He says police can't do it all without help from the public but that doesn’t mean help in the form of a gun. Tips are critical.

“They need help. Not my help but citizens out there that know something.”

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine praised the quick work of police. All suspects were arrested within 36 hours.

“It’s good police work,” Kleine said. “They got on this right away. Had cooperation from people who were witnesses and able to quickly apprehend these people which is important.”

Marcus Evans was in court Thursday. The state said Evans admitted to his involvement with all three robberies.

If the three suspects are convicted they could face up to 150 years each in prison.