A Millard teacher's unique way to welcome students to school

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- A teacher in Millard is going above and beyond to make sure students start their days on the right foot.

At Millard Central Middle School, 6th-grade music teacher Mr. Hoagin gives a musical wakeup call every morning as they walk into school.

The idea came to him at the start of the new school year, after he noticed something was off with his students.

“The first week of school I’m out there doing my regular thing ‘hey, how ya doing?’ and the kids are just walking in like I’m tired, I’m a zombie, leave me alone, so the second week, the same reaction. So, I thought well, I think I can do something,” said Hoagin.

Today was a harmonica session. Others it’s a guitar, a ukulele, or a saxophone. It’s not the instrument, it’s the reaction the music draws.

“It’s all about the kids. Kids are our greatest natural resource,” said Hoagin.

Students like, Tyler Kirkpatrick, notice a difference in the halls.

“You see a ton of smiles around him or like people talking to him and just a ton of fun around him,” said Kirkpatrick.

It may be a simple way to start the day but it’s the difference it makes that matters most.