After prom hypnosis scares parents

BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT) -- What seemed like harmless fun at Bellevue West High School’s after prom turned into a hospital visit and an evening one senior says he can’t remember.

For senior Jaylin Cox prom didn't necessarily go as planned. His parents, Elizabeth and Harrell Cox were awakened to banging on their door.

It was Jaylin's prom date, "something is wrong with Jaylin," she said.

Elizabeth and Harrell say their hearts dropped when they heard that.

"I just ran out to see and when I saw Jaylin he was literally going in and out of consciousness," said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth says Jaylin's eyes kept rolling to the back of his head. His parents say he was almost in a trance-like state and didn't seem to recognize them. Jaylin says he didn't remember much.

"Only thing I remember was when I woke up in middle of hypnosis and he put me back to sleep and I fell. That's all I remember," said Jaylin.

A video provided to 6 News from Jaylin's parents shows a group of students being hypnotized. The video shows students dancing, obeying commands and at one point Jaylin is shown falling.

We are told the event was organized by parents.

"You're messing with a child's mental state. That's not something I would want on Jaylin," said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and Harrell say Jaylin did volunteer to be hypnotized. They have seen many videos taken that night. Twice they watched their son fall, they worry he hit his head.

His parents believe his weird behavior that night was caused by being hypnotized or the fall.

"That's the scariest part we don't know," said Harrell.

Jaylin was taken to the hospital that night. Doctors say he didn't have a concussion and his toxicology report came back clean.

"I don't know what happened, what took place at the event and why they would even allow a kid to participate in something like that without our consent," said Elizabeth.

6 News reached out to the Bellevue West. The school says they will not be releasing a statement at this time. We also tried to reach out to the parents who organized the event. Harrell says the principal has been in touch with the family and they are continuing to work together and move forward.