2020 promises to be another big year for Omaha sports fans

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- If you’re a sports fan, Omaha is the place to be next year. Several major sporting events will take place in the city in 2020.

2020 promises another big year for Omaha sporting events

Competition for these events is intense and lately Omaha has been winning. Officials say it’s all about hard work and excellent facilities.

It could get a little crowded in the metro as thousands of sports fans make their way to the city to check out some major events.

The Olympic Swim Trials return to Omaha in June and they could overlap the College World Series for a couple of days.

March Madness moves to Omaha for first round action in March and in December, the NCAA Division 1 Volleyball Championships will be held in Omaha.

How does a mid-size city attract so many big time sporting events?

Josh Todd, President of the Omaha Sports Commission said, “It just shows that Omaha punches above our weight.”

Todd said TD Ameritrade Park, and CHI Health Center help attract the major events.

”Obviously the College World Series and the history here shows how well we do events. Going on our fourth Olympic Swim Trials also helps us go after those events. It’s a competitive world out there we are competing against dozens and dozens of cities major cities medium size cities.”

Area hotels are already taking reservations for June’s CWS and Swim Trials. Businesses in North Downtown say it’s the support of the community that keeps big events coming.

The Mattress Factory’s Peter Violi said, “When you look at the arenas and other venues, like March Madness for example, they’re all half full but here it’s completely packed so Omaha really supports the events that come into town.”

The Olympic Trials for curling will be held in Omaha in 2021.