180th Street fixes not holding up, Sarpy County residents say

SARPY COUNTY, Neb. (WOWT) -- A dangerous washout has developed on a busy road in western Sarpy County. But that’s just one reason why there’s a call for improvements on 180th Street.

Rock-covered 180th Street in Sarpy County isn't holding up well against washouts, area residents say.

The only road Jerry Larsen can take from home makes him jumpy.

Larsen lives on 180th Street, which he says has outgrown its country road look and feel.

“They grade it, and put rock on it,” he said. “Within two or three days, the rock is gone. The Band-Aids don’t work anymore; there’s just too much traffic.”

Which makes a hazard up the road even more dangerous.

Northbound traffic leaving the pavement is greeted by a narrow rock road, and this washout doesn’t leave drivers much room for error.

A deep washout has developed where pavement and rock road meet. The developer used a private engineering firm.

“I would say this pipe should have been taken all the way down to avoid all the erosion we’re starting to see here now. Somebody designed it incorrectly and we should have caught it, we didn’t,” said Denny Wilson, Sarpy County engineer.

Wilson will have crews fix the washout, but County Commissioner Jim Warren said don’t stop there because the entire rocky road is taking a daily beating.

“We shouldn’t see truck traffic on roads like 180th, 192nd and Giles in their current conditions,” Warren said.

Many heavy trucks now traveling 180th Street could be prohibited, but the county engineer isn’t convinced weight restrictions are the way to go.

“Then you would have to end up going to roads outside the limit,” Wilson said. “It takes them longer, and it’s just going to tear those roads up.”

Larsen has another suggestion: “This road needs to be paved.”

Warren is all for that, but the engineer said his budget is tight, and developers will need to kick in money before there can be concrete solutions on 180th Street.

A stretch of 180th Street south of Cornhusker is scheduled for paving within four years. However, several sections of nearby Giles Road will be paved starting next year as more home developments crop up in the area.