144th Street, from Q to U streets, closed in Millard due to potholes

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- A stretch of South 144th Street in Millard has been closed until further notice because of rough conditions.

Potholes forced a stretch of 144th Street, from Q to U streets, closed in Millard.

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Potholes have seized control of 144th Street south of Q Street. Late Sunday night, the city closed the northbound lanes between Millard Avenue and Q Street. The southbound lanes are closed between Q and U streets.

"But when we got there, the cars were driving only about one or two miles an hour. There's no way you could go any faster. It was just a disaster, probably the worst one I've seen yet," driver Jason Tucker said about driving on the road before it was closed.

Access to nearby businesses will be maintained with restrictions at U Street.

"We actually were able to drive around the barricades, so we do have limited access where I think we can stay open, but it's just getting customers to come to my location," Corey Swanson with Jensen Tire and Auto said

A video posted to Facebook over the weekend before it closed showed what it was like to drive along the stretch:

Swanson said the road has been in bad shape for a number of years.

"The road has progressively gotten worse over the years and they've just tried to temporarily fill the holes and every time they fill them, and of course it snows, then you drive a plow truck over it and it just pulls everything out, and I see it actually makes it worse and it's to the point now where you can't even drive down the road," he said.

Some customers who braved the road to get to Swanson's business were victims of potholes themselves.

"I hit a pothole on Center St. on Saturday and now my tire is ruined," driver Rebecca Brenner said.

It's not the first section of road to be closed by pothole damage. S. 84th St. in Papillion is closed on one side from Harrison St. to Brentwood St. because of how damaged it is.

A portion of Interstate 80 at the Interstate 680 junction was also closed for a while on Saturday due to a large pothole that disabled four vehicles.