108th and Platteview Road to see construction to improve safety

Published: May. 26, 2020 at 5:02 PM CDT
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Construction has started on a major road project in Sarpy County and the new construction will have an impact on a metro school.

Construction kicked off today at the intersection of 108th and Platteview Road, home to Platteview High School.

This is the first phase of a project that will span from 108th to U.S.-75.

Sarpy county leaders say the goal of the project is to improve safety.

"We met with the school board at the school just prior to getting the project done. We've had this on the book for a while now because we did recognize immediately that there are some issues out there that we need to correct for the young drivers,” said Sarpy County engineer, Denny Wilson.

Part of the new safety measures includes widening the roadway and adding left-turn lanes. Officials in Sarpy County say this will help with visibility.

"Prior to this point we had stops signs on 108th Street, we did not have any traffic controls on Platteview Road, subsequently we want to get in a third lane on all three legs for left turns and hopefully that will help alleviate some of the pressure we have from trucks coming out from the south and other traffic down Platteview Road," said Wilson.

The new changes at this intersection are set to be complete by December.

It's not just that intersection where you'll see changes in the future. Right now engineers are looking at way to improve the intersection of 84th and Platteview Road, where there have been two fatal crashes.

"84th Street and Platteview Road has been designed to about a 60% level, we're taking it all the way up to 100% so when the time comes and we have that money we will get that done as well,” said Wilson.

Officials say Platteview will remain open throughout construction but you can expect to see some changes to traffic flow in the coming months.

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