100 Things to do in Omaha

Published: Mar. 28, 2018 at 9:01 PM CDT
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When visitors come to Omaha, where do you suggest they go to be entertained? What things or attractions do you keep revisiting? An Omaha couple has written a book to help in the decision-making. It’s called the “100 Things to Do in Omaha Before You Die.”

Some of what’s on the list fit into the obvious category of what’s-on-the-beaten-path – places like the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium and the Old Market. But there are also a number of things in the book that would fit into the category of off-the-beaten-path – places like the Kaneko Art Gallery.

“For the people who say there’s nothing to do in Omaha – there’s plenty to do in Omaha,” said Tim Trudell, who wrote the book with his wife Lisa.

Omaha offers many hidden gems such as the birth site of Malcolm X and the resting site of Omaha the horse.

“It’s a fun fact that we have a triple-crown winner named Omaha buried here somewhere in Aksarben Village,” said Lisa Trudell.

The couple has written about travel for the last seven years on its The Walking Tourists blog. Before writing this book, they asked for suggestions on other places they may have missed but should be included in the “The 100 Things…”

“We had always heard about it,” said Lisa, “But hadn’t been there.”

The Homy Inn made their list. “You don’t think about going to a dive bar to have champagne – champagne on tap,” said Tim.

The Alpine Inn is there, too.

“You don’t think eating with raccoons as something you do every day,” said Lisa. “And their fried chicken is pretty darn good.”

“The raccoons agree,” said Tim.

The former CWS Rosenblatt stadium site made the cut. It’s also recommended we rediscover the magic of the Dundee Theatre. They understand – this is all subjective.

“If we gave the assignment to 5 different people – you’d have 5 different books,” said Lisa.

In a book that lists 100 things to do, we had to ask –

Reporter: “What was 101 on the list?”

Tim: “B & B Classic Hot Dogs in Bellevue.”

Reporter: “They’re that close.”

Tim: “They’re that close.”

If it’s any consolation – the book launch party will be held at B & B Classic Dogs. Perhaps the restaurant can make it into a 2nd edition of the book.

The book launch will be held April 15. To learn more,