Why fire safety no longer teaches stop, drop and roll

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When teaching children about fire safety, the methods you were taught as a child may now be outdated. Fire Department Community Education Officer Lori Wirth says stop, drop and roll is no longer taught to young children.

“We have learned from long experience that while young children are always eager to practice stop, drop and roll, it really isn’t the essential message they need to stay safe in the event of an actual fire. When we were teaching stop, drop and roll, we found that when we went back to some of those younger classrooms, and we’d say, ‘What do you do if there’s a fire in your house?’ The answer would be stop, drop and roll, which of course isn’t the right answer," Lori said.

"So we modified our curriculum and developed a new curriculum to focus on a couple of things that are really, really the concepts we want children to internalize and one is, if there’s a fire in your house – you need to get out and you need to go to a meeting place and wait for your family there.”