Volunteers lead FITGirls in a sweaty jam session with drumsticks

Published: Sep. 19, 2019 at 10:24 AM CDT
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It was week two of

EmpowerU Camp. Girls aged 8-11 bounced through the door with their ‘Own Your Power’ homework, ready for an afternoon of physical and emotional skill-building. The physical activity on the agenda was Pound, a fun workout lead by volunteers Jessica Claussen and fellow coach Kristin Lumm.

Claussen connected with FITGirl at a

event and happily said ‘yes’ to being a volunteer coach for EmpowerU Camp along with Lumm.

“FITGirl sings to my heart,” said Claussen when asked why she volunteers with FITGirl. “Where was this when I was a kid?”

Claussen and Lumm revealed dozens of neon green drumsticks and cranked up the music for Pound, a heart-pumping workout that simulates playing drums. After just one song, the girls were breathing heavy and giggling.

“I like to show them that staying active can be fun,” smiled Lumm.

Just as Claussen and Lumm are fulfilled by volunteering with FITGirl, other givers in the Omaha/Council Bluffs metro are using

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“Our programs, classes and camps would not be possible without volunteers,” said Cheri Dickmeyer, FITGirl founder and executive director. “We had 28 camp counselors serving 200 girls this past summer - we wouldn't be able to offer the camps without the help of these generous individuals. FITGirl could not thrive without volunteers - they are that important to our existence and how impactful we are within the community.”

Pre-teens Campbell and Natalya registered for the twelve-week EmpowerU camp together. Campbell’s mom hopes she finishes camp with a positive image of herself. Natalya’s mom wants camp to reinforce the nutrition and self-esteem they teach at home.

“She talked about it all week long,” said Natalya’s mom, reflecting on her daughter’s enjoyment of week one.

Mental health is highlighted along with physical health during EmpowerU Camp. Julie Bloomingdale with Boys Town led the Your Life Your Voice session and spoke with the kids about coping with feelings.

The curriculum is sticking with the girls. When asked if they remembered what they talked about last week, the girls shouted, ‘confidence!’ in unison.

Programs like FITGirl’s EmpowerU Camp would not be possible without volunteers. To learn more about

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