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Published: Sep. 9, 2019 at 4:16 PM CDT
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Director of Young Weight Loss & Wellness Center, Royce Morse understands firsthand how easy it is to start.... and stop, a new diet every week! Morse, full-time working Mom of 3 (soon to be four) kids has struggled with her weight since the second grade.

"I would enthusiastically begin a new diet on Monday, and by Wednesday I was hangry (hungry/angry), frustrated and would find any excuse to throw in the towel! 'Oh look, we're celebrating a birthday in the office, it would be rude of me not to participate...' and that was it for that week! I gained a lot of weight with each of my pregnancies and managed to carry a little weight over each time."

Three years ago, I learned about "

" in LaVista from my best friend who actually worked with the doctors and had witnessed personally, their success and weight loss on the program.

So here we are again, starting a weight loss program on a Monday, but this was different... by Wednesday I was down 5 pounds! By Friday, 7.5 pounds and by Sunday (just one week) I had lost 10 pounds! This was the easiest weight I had ever lost in my life!! What was even more shocking, food was entirely off my radar! My late night sweet tooth was gone, my soda and carb cravings gone, I was sleeping better, waking up before my alarm feeling refreshed and excited to start my day! I knew almost immediately that this was it! This was the ONE THING THAT WAS FINALLY GOING TO WORK!! I was finally losing the weight, losing it quickly and had no desire to give up, whatsoever!

Six weeks and 40 pounds later, my life has changed forever!

As cliché as it sounds, I knew if this worked for impatient, diet quitting me -- this would work for anyone! I began administering this program professionally and have helped clients of all ages (grade school to early nineties), all health conditions, and am proudly a top weight loss referral for both heart patients and joint replacement candidates who need to lose weight prior to receiving surgery!

"I know this program like the back of my hand! I have personally helped over 2,000 clients successfully lose weight and have seen this work for people who have attempted everything else out there! It's so enjoyable and rewarding for me to tell a new client exactly what to expect once they begin the program and then one week later hearing the results I had promised them come true!"

I am here to celebrate every milestone, overcome any hurdles and make life-long friends with each and every last one of my clients!" I am on this journey right along with them!

So what makes this different than EVERYTHING ELSE out there?

  1. You're eating normal, real food! Nothing pre-packaged, no meal replacement shakes, just real food: meat/proteins, fruits and veggies, low carb flat breads, and crackers and countless delicious condiments, dressings, and seasonings! There are new products popping up in grocery stores every day that I make sure to add to the list!
  2. You lose an average of 3/4- 1 pound every single day! You can almost bank on it so it is SO MUCH FUN! People starting mid September can realistically lose 40-50 pounds before Thanksgiving!
  3. Support!! I am available to my clients 24/7! I am available Saturday afternoon when they're at the grocery store. Thursday evening when they're making dinner!
  4. You do not have to shut off your social life to successfully lose the weight on this program! In fact, you can eat out every single day if you would like (I did)! I have even put together "Fast Food Guides" for my clients. Going somewhere I have never heard of? Just give me a heads up and I'll scope out the menu for you!
  5. It's affordable! AND health savings and flex spending approved!

Now that the kids are back in school and your routine is back in order (or getting there), this is the best time! Go into the holiday season looking and feeling better than you have in YEARS!

Want more information? Text, Call or Email Royce directly at 402-401-8811 / and schedule a one on one consultation! Mention this article for $75 off!

Director of Young Weight Loss & Wellness Center, Royce Morse (before and after)

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