Tara Campbell

MMJ / Reporter
Tara Campbell

Tara began her journalism career at a weekly newspaper on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Shortly after her start there, Tara was digging up stories from the small coastal region for The Globe and Mail. From there, she went on to report for daily newspapers in Vancouver and Saskatchewan before turning to broadcast journalism.

Tara has covered a wide range of topics impacting the lives Canadians, from major weather events to a federal inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women.

In addition to her reporting, Tara held the position of managing editor the Metro News Canada (StarMetro) Saskatchewan bureau.

No matter the medium, Tara’s driving force has always been propelled by her curiosity, her tenacity for the pursuit of truth and justice, and her passion for telling stories that impact people's lives.

In 2018, she made the move from Saskatchewan to Nebraska, where her partner is from. Tara is always up for an adventure and is embracing life in the United States.