Joe Nugent

Sports Director

Thanks for clicking on my bio. Just a heads up: I don't like talking about myself. I'd rather talk about others, which works out pretty well in journalism. It's very exciting to move to Omaha and experience the massive passion here for college sports.

I come from an area that Ohio and Michigan once fought over. Ohio won the battle, but the war continues today on the football field. Nothing beats a good competition, and that's one of the reasons Nebraska is so attractive to a sports journalist.

It will be fun to report on the Huskers as they work to return to what I saw Saturday afternoons when I was growing up. Add in the huge support that Creighton basketball draws — better than half the NBA! — especially in those runs into April. As for baseball, I have been to a couple different World Series, including Game 7 in 2016, but 2021 will be my first CWS experience.

I'm excited to be here in Omaha — it's like a world class restaurant with a menu you can't possibly complete in one visit. One great event after another. I'm ready for it, and hope you are, too.

Thanks again for your curiosity, and if you happen to know any stories you think 6 Sports should tell, please send me an email!

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