Dave Zawilinski

Afternoon Anchor
Dave Zawilinski

Dave Zawilinski joined the WOWT team as a morning anchor in October 2014.

Dave was born and raised in Connecticut before moving to Dallas as a teen. He made his first move to the Midwest when he attended college at Drake University.

After graduating, Dave started out his television career as a sports intern at WOI in Des Moines, Iowa. Several years and promotions later, Dave became WOI’s Sports Director in 2012 covering several NCAA tournaments and bowl games.

Like the Husker fans he’s getting to know, he’s a football fan who lives for the big plays. Iowa’s Hail Mary last second victory over LSU in the 2005 Capital One Bowl ranks up there as one of his favorite sports stories he’s ever covered.

In his free time, you would normally find him on the fairways. However, a new addition to the family has kept him pretty busy! He and his wife Kaelin welcomed Rhett, their first child, into the world in August. We’re sure Rhett will have his own set of golf clubs soon enough!

What does he like most about working in news? “I love the pace of the newsroom and being on the cutting edge of information. Relaying that information to the viewers, as well as meeting new people every day, always keeps it interesting. I’ve never looked at what I do as a job because I have so much fun doing it!”