Dozens of Omaha families grow on National Adoption Day

Dozens of metro families celebrated the consummation of a long and emotional journey Saturday.
Published: Nov. 18, 2023 at 1:17 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - For just about anyone, long days at the courthouse aren’t always easy. But Saturday, it was.

“It’s amazing. I’ve waited for this day. It’s been a long journey and we’re finally here and I’m happy,” said Chelsea Curtis.

Juvenile courtrooms were filled with emotions and tears.

“I can’t stop crying happy tears,” said Chelsea’s mom, Kelly.

Happy tears because Saturday is National Adoption Day, and dozens of metro families officially added more to their flocks.

“It’s amazing when people open their hearts and homes to kids that they weren’t expecting,” Judge Candice Novak said to parents of those taking the big step on Saturday.

Roxanna and Adrianna have been with Chelsea Curtis as foster kids for three years, but now their unification is official.

“I always say that yes, they needed me, but I needed them more,” she told the judge. “They are two amazing girls that have a lot of potential, they deserve everything, they deserve a happy life.”

It’s not just a big day for mom, but for grandma, too.

Her shirt reads ‘This grandma has been forever blessed by adoption.’

Kelly says the girls have felt like her granddaughters since day one.

“But there’s always that worry, you know, is something going to happen or change? Now that it’s finally here, it’s like we can breathe and we can enjoy each other now even more,” she said.

The adoption process can be long, tedious, and difficult.

Chelsea says she couldn’t have done it without her family and support system, most of whom were with her in the courtroom Saturday morning.

“It’s amazing, they have helped me the last three years on each step, especially my mom. She has cried with me, she’s laughed with me, she will sit there in silence if I needed her to.”

Now, forever begins for the Curtis family.

“It means starting our journey. We can have new beginnings, we can go off and I can show them what it means to be a family.”