6 News investigations yield street cleanup, traffic flow fixes in Omaha

Concerns from citizens about issues with the city's roads were heard and fixed after a pair of 6 News investigations.
Published: Nov. 13, 2023 at 10:30 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Two recent 6 News investigations exposed street and traffic issues that were frustrating drivers in the Omaha metro.

Now, they’ve been fixed.

Living on an unimproved section of Crown Point Avenue, Rex Fuller grew tired of enduring bumps and dumps along the way.

“I need the road graded and a little bit of help in cleaning the stuff up,” Fuller said.

Omaha city officials heard that plea and graded the street, then added asphalt millings to fill in low spots.

The surface has been compacted for a smoother ride and the sewer division leveled a manhole for a safer drive. A remodeling crew that passes through frequently noticed the improvement.

“[It’s] a lot better,” one driver said. “Ten times better, because it’s smoother and it’s clean.”

The city also cleaned up tires and trash that had been illegally dumped along the wooded stretch of Crown Point.

When the city reduced the double-turn lane on Sterling Ridge Drive at 132nd, Bob Kenny wanted to make a point that drivers kept making a left from the straight lane because a still-visible arrow confused them.

Traffic engineers in Omaha straightened out the issue not long after 6 News reported it.

“I’m glad they listened,” Kenny said. “I think visually was much more convincing than just verbally, so I think seeing the problem of the cars turning left from the center lane made it much more of a priority for the city.”

Omaha’s traffic engineer says driving habits take time to change, but the intersection is more efficient and safer. Kenny agrees, now that there’s a new arrow pointing in the right direction.

“It’s nice to be in a community where the city will cooperate with citizens and listen to their concerns,” Kenny said.

The city will monitor the changes at the intersection to see if they’re working as intended. As for the unimproved section of Crown Point Avenue, the street maintenance division has scheduled grading twice a year.