David’s Evening Forecast - Two more hot days to go

Published: Sep. 3, 2023 at 5:35 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - After a cool morning, sunny skies and a strong south wind helped to quickly heat us up back into the mid-90s this afternoon. Highs topped out between 95 and 98 degrees around the metro. Thankfully, humidity remains on the lower side so the heat index won’t be a big factor heading into the evening hours. We will also continue to see very breezy conditions, with south winds at 10 to 20mph also providing a bit of relief from the heat. Temperatures will remain in the 90s through sunset, then fall into the 80s through 10pm. We should actually see another cooler night as temperatures dip back into the mid-60s by early Monday.

This Evening's Forecast
This Evening's Forecast(WOWT)

Comfortable conditions heading out the door early on your Labor Day, temperatures in the mid-60s with low humidity and a steady south breeze. Once again, we will heat up quickly with temperatures back into the mid and upper 80s by Noon. A few more clouds move in during the afternoon along with an increase in humidity. That may shave a degree or so off our temperatures, but highs still top out in the mid-90s for most of the area.

Monday's Forecast
Monday's Forecast(WOWT)

The increase in the humidity will also mean the heat index will be a factor for Monday afternoon and evening. It will feel like it is closer to 100 degrees for the late afternoon and early evening hours, so keep that in mind for any Labor Day activities you may have planned. It will also be on the breeze side, with south winds gusting up to 25mph. While that may bring some slight relief, it could also complicate any outdoor plans.

Monday's Heat Index Forecast
Monday's Heat Index Forecast(WOWT)

Tuesday will feature another hot day with heat index readings between 100 and 105 degrees during the late afternoon and early evening, but a cold front should bring some chances Tuesday night. A few spotty storms are possible, but most of the area likely stays dry. Breezy northwest winds will kick in for Wednesday dropping our temperatures back into the mid-80s. Highs will hold in the mid-80s through the end of the week, an improvement over the heat we have seen this weekend.

Sunday Evening 3 Day Forecast
Sunday Evening 3 Day Forecast(WOWT)