Caucus 2024: Tim Scott promises bigger emphasis on ethanol

Scott held a town hall in Oskaloosa Thursday afternoon.
Published: Aug. 31, 2023 at 7:21 PM CDT
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OSKALOOSA, Iowa - South Carolina Senator Tim Scott is back in Iowa. Scott held a town hall in Oskaloosa Thursday afternoon. At that town hall, we got the chance to ask Scott about what he could do for Iowa farmers.

The Farm Bill expires at the end of September. The last time it was passed was in 2018. The bill provides funding to many agricultural programs, conservation efforts, and rural development. Scott says he wants the bill to emphasize subsidies for farmers over benefits like SNAP.

“My hope is that we’ll have a lot more requirements for work in the Farm Bill than we’ve currently seen. In the past, a part of the negotiation with the president with Republicans was to restore work requirements. I hope that there’s robust level of restoration of work requirements,” Scott said.

Scott says he wants to support Iowa farmers by supporting ethanol.

“So, in my administration, you see a more of a emphasis on ethanol and our ability to diversify our energy supply starting right here. It creates high-paying jobs, creates wealth, and most importantly it is really helpful in our national security.,” Scott said.

Another issue facing Iowa farmers - the proposed Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline. Summit is asking to use eminent domain for the project. Scott says the pipeline is a state issue and not something his administration would be involved with. “Well, I know it’s a state issue. I know the governor and many of the state legislators are working on that issue. It’s not really an issue for my presidency,” Scott said.