CWS 2023: LSU fans camp out at Glenn Cunningham Lake

‘OmaRouge’: Between College World Series games, fans from Louisiana find similarities to home in the Omaha area
Louisiana State fans have been enjoying the quiet in between Tigers' games.
Published: Jun. 22, 2023 at 7:12 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - No doubt LSU flags have been flying high in Omaha for a week now.

Thursday night is another win-or-go-home game. And while fans seem to be taking over the stadium during games, they’re also soaking up nature in big numbers.

Unlike at the ballpark, it’s peaceful in this part of Omaha, out by Glenn Cunningham Lake. One can hear nature here.

“It’s pretty much packed with LSU folks,” said Jeff Thomas, LSU fan and camper.

It looks and feels like a vacation, from the water to the RVs. But a quick look around, and one immediately knows this getaway is about baseball — specifically the LSU Tigers.

For some here, the trip is a bucket list item.

“Oh yeah. It’s always been on the list. Brother-in-law comes every year and talks about how much fun he has. We always wanted to come, and this is it,” Thomas said.

6 News caught up to dads of two of the players getting ready for lunch on this game day.

George Jones and Bill Pearson camped in Nebraska City — about an hour from Omaha — for the beginning of the College World Series.

“There weren’t any openings here, so we stayed there for two nights and moved here for the remainder of the series,” Jones said.

In a way, Lake Cunningham — with its $20 million-plus in renovations — is the perfect host: a little piece of the countryside a few minutes from the city.

Many LSU fans booked a spot at the east campground in March. It’s like mixing the two hometowns.

“OmaRouge — we love it,” said LSU fan Chris Laudermill. “People are so nice to us. They cater to us. As much as they love us being here, we love being here. It’s a nice fit.”

The winner will play Florida for the national championship.

No one’s moving from here — not while LSU still has a shot at playing for the baseball championship.

Whether you call it superstitions or routines, even the parents try to keep things the same after the big win. From the clothes to the menu, the purple and gold is simply part of Omaha’s skyline every June.