CWS 2023: Gummy treasure fuels Oral Roberts at the plate, brings team closer together

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Published: Jun. 19, 2023 at 7:04 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Haribo’s Twin Sankes, not to be mistaken for gummy worms, have become the ultimate reward for the Golden Eagles over the last three seasons. The idea for the sweet in-game treat originated where all great ideas do: a way too long bus ride.

“Originally on TikTok there were these sea-shanty things going on so we started singing these songs on the bus and then– nothing to do on the bus for four or five hours so then eventually by the morning we had a full pirate thing going on that year,” said senior first baseman Jake McMurray.

Like all pirates, the Golden Eagles have been in search of gummy treasure ever since. The pirate in charge of the booty is the first base coach and former ORU player Jimmy Turk.

“I usually go and buy them before every game and I have them in my back pocket,” said Turk. “I cut out the top and that way I’m able to get to them easily and when it gets hotter they’re not sweating too much and melting.”

“It’s just one little thing, but it’s a bunch of little things that add up,” said utility player Price Allman. “I think Jimmy Turk has done a great job with our hitters and it’s like a confidence booster. It’s a little ‘hey, good job.’”

“I’m sure some guys are sitting there and they’re like ‘man, I didn’t eat before the game. I need a little pick-me-up.’ So they just go hit a little double and get that Twin Snake,” said center fielder Jonah Cox.

Motivated by Twin Snakes or not, ORU has been racking up the hits all season. Oral Roberts is currently second in the nation with 743 hits.

“Our guys, especially this team is a very close-knit group. They’re together all the time,” said Turk. “Baseball is very superstitious we do a lot of crazy things this is one of them but it just keeps guys loose. This game is hard man so anytime we can take away from that and let them have fun and remember it’s a kid’s game and keep them loose, that’s a big deal.”

“It has definitely played a role and just brought our guys closer together just in terms of something that we all love,” said McMurray. “Jimmy does a nice job of keeping it lighthearted over there.”