Temporary Casino ready to expand

Construction crews extending wiring to when the expanded temporary casino will be.
Construction crews extending wiring to when the expanded temporary casino will be.
Published: May. 24, 2023 at 7:33 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - There’s usually always an activity taking place at Fonner Park, and now that activity is construction. They are in the beginning phases of expanding the Temporary Casino. The expansion is taking place at the south entrance of the concourse and will feature table games, slots, roulette, and black jack.

The current concessions area will evolve into a sports bar and sports booking area. The expansion is projected to be done before the upcoming football season.

“We hope to be ready by the end of July first part of August, probably safe to say August some time,” Chris Kotulak, CEO of Fonner Park said “But when we open this new annex area, the temporary concourse casino will have those table games that are so popular that people want; craps, black jack, roulette.”

August is the targeted completion month because it’ll set up another money making opportunity.

“Well it’s important to have this completed in August some time because we know football season starts and that’s a big demand for sports waging,” said Kotulak. “But this whole annex, this whole expansion of the south concourse really is the demand for greater entertainment.”

Kotulak said this expansion will also enhance the entertainment experience at Fonner Park, by providing a lounge and live music. The expansion was also made possible based on the popularity of the casino.

“When we planned this concourse casino, the original plan was to develop it just as we have,” said Kotulak. “Well because of the tremendous demand that there has been here for the slots and the table games, we sort to find a way where we can expand and then continue to accommodate our current clientele.”

It will also serve clientele better by having an amenity they’ve always wanted.

“For the existing casino goers the great news that they’re going to want to hear is that there will be restrooms that are part of the casino gaming floor,” Kotulak said. “As it currently stands if a guest wants to use the restroom they have to leave the gaming floor, they may not bring their drink with them, and then they have to show their identification to get back onto the gaming floor.”

Kotulak said with the south entrance being closed due to construction, people have to access the casino through the Heartland Event Center.