Postal Service suspends mail delivery for neighborhood following incident with dog

Residents on a Missouri street have been left without their usual mail service, causing frustration and inconvenience. (KY3)
Published: May. 11, 2023 at 2:43 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3/Gray News) - The U.S. Postal Service suspended mail delivery to a neighborhood street in Missouri after a postal carrier had an encounter with a loose dog.

For the last month, residents have been left without their usual mail service.

“It’s causing a problem because I had two bills that were behind, and I didn’t know it because I was waiting for the letters to come in the mail,” Stepvon Jackson said.

The issue revolves around the presence of a neighborhood dog named Biscuit.

According to witnesses, Biscuit had a previous encounter with a carrier. Neighbors reported the carrier used pepper spray on the dog during the incident, despite claims that Biscuit is a friendly dog and not a threat.

“Somebody obviously doesn’t know Biscuit,” David Patrick said.

Patrick said that the postal carrier overreacted, leading to the suspension of mail delivery.

U.S. Postal Service spokesperson Mark Inglett provided insight into the situation and stated that according to protocol, the dog’s owner is notified if it is loose and there is “any risk of dog bite or injury.”

While Biscuit’s owner, who did not provide their name, acknowledged being notified about the incident, he did not anticipate the extent to which the neighborhood would be affected.

Residents now find themselves inconvenienced by the lack of mail service, and those without alternative transportation face additional challenges.

“I know this is a huge inconvenience for those who don’t have a car,” Patrick said.

The consequences of the mail delivery suspension are far-reaching. Some residents are left without access to essential medications due to delayed deliveries. Others have missed important bills and are grappling with the resulting consequences.

“My insurance company said they are going to hold my meds until we get the situation solved,” John Koch said.

In response to the neighborhood’s concerns, officials have proposed the installation of a community mailbox on the street. However, no specific timeline has been provided, as neighbors have been informed that permits are required before the mailbox can be set up.

Frustrated by the ongoing disruption, residents are questioning why the entire street is being punished due to the actions of one dog.

“He delivers right on this next street,” Jackson said. “We watch him deliver mail. He sits on the side of my house every lunch break but he can’t deliver my mail to my house.”