Sen. Merv Riepe stays firm on decision to not vote on 6-week abortion bill

Ralston Sen. Merv Riepe says he's not changing his mind on an abortion ban bill.
Published: Apr. 28, 2023 at 3:57 PM CDT
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RALSTON, Neb. (WOWT) - Nebraska Sen. Merv Riepe says he won’t change his mind on his non-vote that killed the state’s attempt at a 6-week abortion ban.

Sen. Riepe tells 6 News that despite the pushback, his decision will stand.

Conservative Sen. Merv Riepe says it shouldn’t have been a surprise when he showed signs of changing a 6-week abortion ban that he co-sponsored

“I submitted an amendment that went to 12 weeks two or three weeks earlier so they had some indication that this guy, this Riepe, had some other thoughts at least on his mind,” Riepe said.

Riepe did change his mind and when it was time to vote for the 6-week ban, Riepe didn’t turn on a light, red or green. The no-vote basically killing the bill this session.

That has led to pushback from the public that supports a 6-week ban on abortions in Nebraska.

“I’ve gotten some, you know, stated things that are very personal and somewhat at times hateful.”

Sen. Marv Riepe says he's not changing his mind on LB626, despite pressure within his own party.

Sen. Riepe also has been under pressure from Gov. Pillen and other political organizations to change his mind and change his vote.

“You know I’ve talked with the governor and I didn’t change it for him, so I don’t know why I should change it for anyone else.”

Sen. Riepe, a hospital administrator, says he talked to many doctors before making his amendment from a 6-week to a 12-week abortion ban.

“I still stand with the idea that the 12-week makes more sense to me than going to this almost no abortions in the ban of the 6 weeks. “And so I’ve already paid the price of you know, going back I would probably be hated by both sides then for sure.”

Despite what some are saying, Riepe says he is still pro-life and still a Republican.

“I consider myself a compassionate conservative. Jack Kemp was kinda one of my heroes and I like him because he wasn’t a staunch and republicans over some time developed. They’re mean people, I don’t want to be mean. I don’t want to see myself as being mean.”

The bill that would create a 6-week abortion ban is basically dead for the remainder of this session. Technically the Speaker has the ability to bring it back to the floor but his office has indicated he will not.