Omaha dog owner cited for animal cruelty after allegedly restraining dog in wrong way

An expert with the Nebraska Humane Society shares advice on how to handle dogs the correct way
An Omaha dog owner has been cited for animal cruelty.
Published: Mar. 28, 2023 at 10:31 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - An owner goes too far while disciplining his dog that got loose. The pet is lucky to be uninjured and experts have advice on the right way to handle a door dash.

A tail-wagging run to her master turns to cruel punishment, but the owner of a dog that got loose will face justice for handing out dangerous discipline.

“So if you grab a dog by the neck and yank them off the ground, all four feet, you can cause damage to their throat, their trachea and their esophagus,” said Dr. Ashley Vanselow, a veterinarian with the Nebraska Humane Society.

The Nebraska Humane Society got a tip about a video on social media of an owner disciplining his dog with a hanging grab, chokes and slaps. Not once but two days in a row. Though the second time he holds back so passing drivers don’t witness the punishment of the pet.

Home security video of the incident near 31st and Leavenworth gave animal control officers evidence to issue a citation for cruelty, abuse and physical mistreatment. It’s a misdemeanor and the dog in this incident was not injured

Dr. Vanselow has advice on how to train for the specific dog behavior that has a name: door dasher.

“Door dashers, what they do is every time a door opens to the outside, that’s where they want to be so they immediately run through it. The door started opening and he wanted to go through it but we didn’t let him we made him wait. Eventfully, after repetition, he will learn he needs to wait inside while that door is open until I tell him we can go, or I have a leash on him and we lead him out.”

Besides the head slaps, the video of animal cruelty shows the wrong way to pick up a dog that caught your ire.

Experts say you can grab the collar but don’t hold on to it, just secure the dog, then put your arm back around the tail and hold onto it.

The dog cruelly disciplined is now in the hands of Humane Society staff. The three-year-old female poodle mix could be kept here until the case goes to court if a judge grants an impound request.

6 News’ Mike McKnight knocked on the dog owner’s door who answered but said no to talking about the incidents or seizing of the pet.