Douglas County Sheriff K-9 retires after 11 years of service

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office sent off a veteran K9 into retirement.
Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 10:22 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A top dog of crime fighting in the Omaha area retired Monday.

The 11-year veteran K-9′s record for taking illegal drugs and bad guys off the street may be unmatched.

When Bezos jumped into law enforcement 11 years ago, the Douglas County Sheriff’s K-9 unit found that his bite was worse than his bark

“From his initial training, I’ve got complete dental impressions on both hands,” said K-9 handler Deputy Jay Wineinger.

The Dutch Shepherd, Belgian Malinois mix could be tough when called upon helping to apprehend 11 dangerous fugitives.

“He’s protected a lot of police officers and a lot of citizens.”

But it’s Bezos’ nose that made him the top dog in the Sheriff’s K-9 unit. An estimated $10 million worth of illegal drugs was sniffed out over an 11-year career that’s now come to an end.

“It’s sort of like a pro athlete. between training and the actual game those things can take a toll on their bodies and this guy we’ve gotten the most out of him that’s possible.”

In retirement, the veteran K-9 moves from the cruiser to the couch. Douglas County Sheriff Aaron Hanson hands the adoption certificate to Clara Shaw who took the leash for Bezos’ adoptive family.

They’ve spent time with him already and know his daily routine.

“He spends it on the couch, in the bed,” Shaw said. “We do walks and a frequent stop at McDonald’s for a little cheeseburger action.”

It’s not just deputies and Sheriff’s staff wishing Bezos well with his new family, but other members of the K-9 unit ready to match his long career in law enforcement. And Bezos takes one last official sniff before leaving the Sheriff’s office for retirement: a desert pup cup.

A new dog has already reported for duty. Three-year-old Blitz is two weeks into training. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department has six canines.