6 First Alert Weather Day: Morning snow will try to coat some roads

Published: Mar. 9, 2023 at 4:56 AM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Snow and melting snow will be falling around the area most of the morning on this 6 First Alert Weather Day. The heaviest will be before 9am and this is when it would be most likely to stick to the roads and cause some travel issues on your way to work and school.

First Alert Day
First Alert Day(wowt)

Temperatures will be closest to freezing this morning but still 1-2 degrees above 32 while it is snowing. This will lead to snow partially melting as it falls making it a bit tougher to accumulate for some. Overall most of the area should see less that 3″ of snow and those approaching 3″ of accumulation will be limited in number due to the melting. We’ll likely be closer to 1″ in the metro.

Snow Potential
Snow Potential(WOWT)

This afternoon the precipitation will change back to a bit more of a mix as it quickly moves east and out. Temperatures will warm a few degrees and we’ll melt off any snow that was able to stick.

Thursday Forecast
Thursday Forecast(WOWT)

Wind gusts won’t be much of an issue today but they’ll pick up tonight after sunset and could gust 20-30 mph at times overnight.

Thursday Wind
Thursday Wind(WOWT)

Each afternoon will melt off what’s left of the snow plus there is a chance of more of a melting mix on Saturday heading into the weekend.

3 Day Forecast
3 Day Forecast(WOWT)