Rusty’s 6 First Alert Forecast - Cloudy skies not only today but most of the week

Published: Mar. 6, 2023 at 4:58 AM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Some dense fog is out there west of the metro to start the day. That is expected to burn off during the 9am hour but clouds are likely to be tough to shake the rest of the day. Mostly cloudy skies will keep it cooler today and this week.

Dense Fog Advisory
Dense Fog Advisory(WOWT)
Monday Forecast
Monday Forecast(WOWT)

Highs in the 40s are likely this afternoon but that will happen with a bit of a breeze from the north. Gusts 20-30 mph will be the strongest in morning hours.

Wind Gusts
Wind Gusts(WOWT)

Clouds are likely to be stuck with us all week so Tuesday will be more of the same. Highs in the 40s with an east breeze but a few showers and snow showers are possible in the area after 7pm. Most of this will melt with temps above 32 most of the night but if we see any snow stick, it would likely be north of the metro. Up to 1/4″ of moisture is possible with a light coating of snow to the north.

Moisture Potential
Moisture Potential(WOWT)
Snow Potential
Snow Potential(WOWT)

More precipitation is likely later on this week too but most of that will likely be rain or a melting mix.

3 Day Forecast
3 Day Forecast(WOWT)