Baby born during major snowstorm

Published: Feb. 24, 2023 at 10:14 AM CST
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OWATONNA, Minn. (WCCO) - A family welcomed their baby boy during a major snowstorm.

The drive to the hospital wasn’t an easy one.

Happy birthday, Hudson Dean Trautman, and boy, did you get a Minnesota welcome.

“I remember the first stop sign right outside our house. I skidded through it coming to the hospital, so,” father Adam Trautman said.

“For me, I said, what better thing to do in a storm than have a baby,” mother Micha Trautman said.

Micah and Adam Trautman’s doctors scheduled the induction last week for Wednesday evening.

The baby’s parents said they packed accordingly, not knowing when it might be safe to get home.

“My mother claims it looked like we were moving into the hospital,” Micha Trautman said.

“And the snacks up there, I mean, we had snacks, you had to have snacks for probably a week.” Adam Trautman said.

Owatonna Hospital, of course, had its own pre-storm prep, and it proved critical with Hudson’s healthy delivery via emergency c-section.

Administrators credited more than just doctors and nurses for the entire health system never missing a beat, including maintenance, facilities, housekeeping and nutrition.

“Out of all of those people, they helped to make the hospital run, are all on point and needed desperately through as we go through this storm,” said Helen Strike of

Allina Health.

“It all came together in the exact right way and for him to be born in the middle of a snowstorm will always be one of those memories well look back at,” Adam Trautman said.