Infrastructure key to improvement plans for Omaha’s North 24th Street corridor

Omaha Business Improvement District’s $53 million revitalization plan is in motion, with construction between Meredith and Cuming possibly starting later this year.
Millions in funding is coming to help give the North 24th Street corridor a boost.
Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 4:17 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The Business Improvement District is hoping infrastructure improvements attract new business to the area along North 24th Street.

There is some construction going on there, and some investments are being made in the area.

Improvements will be made to sidewalks, landscaping, and parking. Phase 1 of the project, focused on improvements around the business district at 24th and Lake streets, will cost $15 million.

Seven million dollars will come from federal funds; and Friday, the City of Omaha contributed $1.2 million to the plan.

Lavonya Goodwin is president of the North 24th Street Business Improvement District. Goodwin says improving the area’s infrastructure is part of its streetscape master plan.

“In some of the most active spaces along North 24th Street we need to widen the sidewalks, we’ve got some failing trees that need to be replaced with a better tree canopy, all of that can really help to access to businesses and really support the development that we’re seeing,” Goodwin said.

Don McPherson owns a business along the North 24th Street corridor. He says the narrow sidewalks can be a problem.

“We have folks that are on scooters, husbands and wives on scooters, and being that they’re so narrow with the trees it causes a problem,” McPherson said.

The BID’s plan also calls for replacing some trees along the business area and to also work on a transportation plan.

“So it’s going to address vehicles, pedestrians, bikers, and even transit. So really this plan is comprehensive to include all modes of transportation along this corridor.”

“We’ve seen in other business districts how a renewed streetscape can spur development, we’re also looking at the quality of life for the people who live and work here.”

Officials say the $53 million streetscape plan will take five to six years to complete, which includes an area between Meredith Avenue and Cuming Street.

Phase 1 is in the planning and designing stage. Construction could begin late this year or early next year.