Omaha cleans up from latest round of winter weather

Some are out shoveling to make a profit -- others just to get to work
City crews are working to get neighborhood streets plowed.
Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 3:26 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The day after a winter storm left its mark on the area, the metro is abuzz with activity.

Many folks are cleaning up -- some the old-fashioned way. Others broke out the machines to clear snow off of sidewalks. For many, cleaning up the snow and the slush creates a major headache.

But for others, this weather isn’t a problem at all.

For Tim Vondra, this means he can start up the snow blower and get to work. For Tim, the snow means money.

“It’s kind of a bonus when we do get it, so anything we do get helps,” Vondra said. “We do probably about 20-25 [properties]...probably three other trucks keep busy when it does snow. It definitely helps everything out.”

There are others out here working in the snow who don’t get paid.

Ben Menard is busy clearing sidewalks, but not for the money. He’s doing it for his family.

“I waited for it to stop snowing, I cleaned my driveway, went in and warmed up a little bit,” Menard said. “Now I’m here at my daughter’s house cleaning her driveway and when I’m done with this one I’ll go to my son’s...that’s my job.”

Omaha city ordinance states sidewalks must be cleared within 24 hours after the city ends its snow removal operations. Public Works tells 6 News they’re still in snow removal mode, working on secondary streets.