Residents concerned about Legacy Crossing’s future

Area residents worry the condemned eyesore will tank property values.
Neighbors are still concerned after an Omaha apartment complex is shut down
Published: Jan. 10, 2023 at 4:16 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The apartment units at Legacy Crossing seem to be boarded up and secure. There are still a few cars in the parking lots, and a lot of trash around the area. We’re told private security makes regular rounds.

There are people who live close by who are concerned about the area.

Bob Maguire moved into a home right next door to the complex about a year ago. His intentions are to convert the land into something profitable.

He’s cleared out a lot of trees and made improvements in the short time he’s been there. Before he made the purchase, he thought the neighborhood would be okay.

He soon learned different.

“Just look at the balcony falling off the building right there,” Maguire said. “They haven’t done any maintenance in a long time, and I started getting concerned, and at one point, I called the manager over there and told her concerns of mine, and she just laughed and hung up the phone on me.”

Right before Christmas, the city shut the complex down and had residents move out because of fire, safety, and health violations. Now, with the place empty, Bob is worried about children running through the complex. He’s also concerned about people sleeping in the area.

“He was in the tall grass where the trees are...I don’t know if it’s their property or their property,” Maguire said. “He was sleeping here, had a big backpack full, and I ran him off.”

Bob says his biggest concern is what this place will do to the value of property in the area.

“If they let this place go to heck, it’s just going to devalue my property, the property of the church across the street and everyone around it,” Maguire said.

Vicki Maher lives near the other side of the condemned complex -- she can see the tops of the building from her front yard. Vicki is also concerned about what will happen here in the future.

“If someone does come in and tears it down, it’s going to be quite the mess and the noise and the construction and all that,” Maher said. “But it’s a waste to have them sit there empty too, so something’s going to have to be done.”

The City of Omaha gave a property management company control of the complex. 6 News reached out to the company for an update on Legacy Crossing’s future, but we haven’t heard back.