San Diego Toreros volleyball player returns to Omaha, speaks with middle schoolers

A volleyball player comes back to Omaha and speaks with students
Published: Jan. 1, 2023 at 5:27 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - It’s fair to say that when most college students come home for the holidays they try to just relax, but one woman has a few other things to take care of before sleeping in.

Kate Galvin plans to be a doctor, so in her freshman year at the University of San Diego she takes things pretty seriously.

“Besides volleyball, I really focus on academics,” Galvin said. “That’s what got me here to the school, so I never lose sight of my academics and education so my plan is to go to med school and pursue dermatology.”

Volleyball is the reason she’s home at Christmas break and talking to the middle school students at Kiewit. It’s because the San Diego Toreros played at CHI Center in the NCAA Volleyball Final Four.

“I was pretty nervous because I remember being a middle schooler and I was very like judgey as a middle schooler and there’s just so many growing pains.”

Some of the kids hope to play sports in college, while others don’t. But all had questions about going there, such as “do you ever get to take a nap?”

“I was like, girl, no. I wish I could take naps because I need them because I’m not getting much sleep at all.”

Galvin told the kids she probably gets six hours of sleep on average.

“Well, I think it was cool that some of the kids were asking me more like reality questions, like what do you do.”

A former captain at Millard North where she won a state championship, just being on the big stage in her hometown had quite an impact.

“It was super cool because I didn’t know two of the other girls are from Nebraska too and I probably played them in club volleyball. But it was just so much fun, knowing that so many people in that stadium where we were playing were rooting for me, rooting for my team and people that I knew so well, like my family and friends.”

And now that she has a better understanding of what it takes to succeed, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t pursue the game professionally and put plans for med school on hold.

Galvin’s San Diego volleyball squad made their first NCAA a Final Four appearances in Omaha, where they lost to the eventual champion and finished 31-2.