Northwest Omaha apartments dealing with water outages

Tudor Heights management says water restored to one of two buildings
Residents at Tudor Heights in Omaha have been without water for several days.
Published: Dec. 27, 2022 at 12:45 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Residents of an Omaha apartment complex told 6 News they’ve been experiencing water outages in recent days.

A spokesperson for Metropolitan Utilities District told 6 News the Tudor Heights complex, located off Interstate 680 near Maple Street, has been experiencing internal leaks and frozen pipes, causing some apartments to go without water.

Due to the cold, residents and businesses across the Omaha-metro area have dealt with frozen pipes, leading to no source of water for many residents. But in this case, M.U.D. said it’s an issue with the complex and not something municipal utility crews would be responsible for repairing.

“When we are called out and it turns out to be an internal plumbing issue, we instruct the customer (or building maintenance) to contact a plumber to make repairs,” M.U.D. said in an email to 6 News.

But after days of waiting, some residents are losing their patience.

“We can’t flush the toilets, we can’t shower, we can’t brush our teeth, our pets, you know, we have to give them bottled water, we have to buy bottled water to do dishes and all that stuff,” says Amber Walker, a resident at Tudor Heights near 108th & Maple.

Walker has been without water for four days.

“It was late Friday night, early Saturday morning, I had gotten up at seven to get ready to go down to a family Christmas out of town and I couldn’t shower or anything cause we had no water,” Walker says.

At Tudor Heights, when the water goes out, it’s usually just for a few hours, Walker says. But not this time.

“When I got home it still wasn’t on so at that point I was calling the emergency maintenance line and they kept saying ‘oh we’ll have someone call you back. we’ll have someone call you back,’ and nothing.”

It wasn’t until late Monday night when residents finally got an email from Tudor Heights’ management. The email read:

“Due to the extremely cold weather over the past few days your building has experienced some frozen pipes. We have a plumber coming out tomorrow to address these issues to get the water restored in your building. We tried contacting numerous plumbers over the weekend, but everyone was booked up with the high amounts of calls throughout the city.”

“Well as of right now, when I left earlier, we still didn’t have water,” Walker says Tuesday night.

Tudor Heights isn’t the only complex dealing with issues like these either. The Benson Tower was out of water for three days because of a frozen boiler. However, the problem was resolved Monday.

Walker says trying to cook without water is extremely difficult.

“I’m diabetic, I take five insulin shots a day, I can’t go without eating a decent meal at least once a day. So, with my health conditions and stuff that’s what concerns me too.”

Tudor Heights management sent another email to residents Tuesday afternoon. It read:

“I just want to give everyone an update on the water situation. We are working with a plumber to assist us in unthawing the pipes in your building. We understand the frustration and inconvenience that this is causing everyone, but we hope you understand that plumbers are working as quickly as they can to resolve the water issue.”

Tudor Heights management

Walker says she and other residents hope the issue is resolved as soon as possible, as she’s fearful she could end up without a home, like those in Legacy Crossing.

“I just wish (management) knew how we felt.”

6 News reached out to management at Tudor Heights. Tuesday evening, they say the water had been restored to at least one building and that they expect water to be restored to the remaining building that night.

Digital Director Gina Dvorak contributed to this story.