Nationwide Tamiflu shortage hits Omaha pharmacies hard

As the flu season ramps up, Omaha-metro pharmacies have had trouble keeping Tamiflu on the shelves.
Published: Dec. 1, 2022 at 7:12 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Finding a remedy this season will be hard if you’re suffering from the flu. Pharmacies all across the nation are dealing with a shortage of Tamiflu.

“We get lots of calls from patients who already called ten to fifteen other pharmacies saying that all of them are out of stock,” Schleisman said.

The antiviral drug helps reduce the severity of the illness shortening your symptoms by a day or two. Andrew Schleisman is a pharmacist at Kohll’s Rx here in Omaha he said it’s been a while since they’ve received Tamiflu shipments.

“Every shortage is because of supply or demand imbalance, and right now is because of demand with the increase of infections, flu, RSV, and covid,” Schleisman said.

A year ago, Schleisman and other pharmacists had Tamiflu in stock. This year with the rising infections, they have to tell their customers they have to wait a couple of days.

“I think the cases are higher people are wearing masks less and going in public more often kids didn’t get infected because of masks,” Schleisman said.

Schleisman said the high-level activity and the lack of these available remedies and treatments are worsening the “tripledemic.” It is unclear how long this shortage will last but Schleisman advises those who need Tamiflu to contact their local pharmacy to see if It’s in stock or see if they can switch to an alternative medication.

Schleisman also said on Thursday that Kohll’s Rx on Q Street expects Tamiflu shipments. He advises customers to get some while they last.