Two victims in Omaha house party shooting are now suspects

New details in an Omaha shooting that killed 1 and injured 7
Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 5:25 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - New details on the mass shooting a week ago in Omaha that sent eight people to the hospital.

Some of the initial victims are now in police custody.

Recently filed court documents give a clearer idea of what took place at a home on the corner of 34th and Ames on Nov. 13.

Detectives say there was a birthday party here when just after 4 a.m. shots came from the Skinner Elementary parking lot across the street where many of the partygoers had parked.

Those inside the house let out a flurry of bullets as well.

A total of 24 shell casings were found inside the house.

Karly Wood, 20, was shot multiple times. Investigators say she was in the house. She did not survive.

Her family says she had a “heart of gold that could light up a room” and she was “saving up to buy a home and start a business.”

Three people were arrested recently in connection to the shooting.

Omaha Police arrested 25-year-old Kiwan Dampeer.

Dampeer Kiwan, 25
Dampeer Kiwan, 25(Omaha Police Department)

Dampeer is a felon from a gun and drug conviction, so he’s not allowed to have a gun. He was currently on federal probation.

Officers also booked him on allegations of shooting at an occupied dwelling and possessing a gun on school property.

Detectives say security video at Skinner Elementary showed one of the shooters wearing a distinctive coat and shoes, as well as the car.

Investigators say it matched the silver Chrysler 300 Dampeer was driving a few days later.

Detectives said they also found the coat and shoes worn by the parking lot shooter in Dampeer’s apartment.

What’s also interesting according to the arrest affidavit was that investigators seized a security camera system from the home.

Detectives say the DVR system had four cameras recording to it. Three of the cameras covered the back side of the house. A fourth showed the inside of the double garage.

The initial list of gunshot victims included two men: Imhotep Davis and Tyvel Lampkin-Davis. They are also now suspects.

Imhotep Davis is in custody for possessing a gun as a felon and on school property, and for evidence tampering.

Imhotep Davis, 25
Imhotep Davis, 25(Omaha Police Department)

Tyvel Lampkin-Davis was booked for accessory to a felony and possessing a gun on school property.

Tyvel Lampkin-Davis, 28
Tyvel Lampkin-Davis, 28(Omaha Police Department)

What’s still unclear is who shot and killed Karly Wood.

Detectives said when officers first arrived, a number of people fled the scene after parking at Skinner Elementary.

Investigators also said that when they reviewed security video inside the house, it appeared they could tell when one of the bullets passed through the closed garage door.