Huskers safety Myles Farmer suspended for Michigan game

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Published: Nov. 8, 2022 at 10:44 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Myles Farmer was cited for a DUI over the weekend in Lincoln and will not be available for the Michigan game this upcoming Saturday in Ann Arbor. He has played the vast majority of snaps this season and has a lot of experience playing in several seasons for the Huskers.

Interim Head Coach Mickey Joseph “Myles made a mistake. He made a bad mistake. We do not condone that. We always talk about protect the football team, and he did not. He will be suspended this week, and we will reevaluate him after this week. It is something that you cannot do. That is not smart. You have to protect the team. I am very disappointed in Myles, and Myles is going to make this right. He is going to do some things to get back in good grace with this football team but we are not going to condone that. That is bad. That is a bad situation. He understands that. He is a good kid. He made a mistake but we can not make mistakes like that.”

Not only will the defense miss Farmer, but Casey Thompson’s chances of playing are not great, here’s what the coach had to say about his top quarterback.

“Right now just looking at him today, I probably would rule out Casey (Thompson). If he does not go by tomorrow I am going to have to rule him out. I look at these kids like my sons so I am not going to put them out there if they can not go. Casey is going to be saying that he is feeling better, but I have to be smart with Casey and not put him out there if he can not perform at a high level.”