Omaha nonprofit owner faces theft after operating in his own home 2 years later after eviction

By his count, at least 10 bikes have been stolen this year.
It's been two years since the nonprofit Team Bike Rescue was evicted.
Published: Nov. 3, 2022 at 6:28 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - There’s a never-ending stream of bikes to repair at Rich Settje’s house. He is the creator of Team Bike Rescue a nonprofit that fixes up bikes for kids in need.

Two years ago, Settje was forced to operate in his own home after being evicted from the property of the nonprofit Construction Labor and Builder’s Corporation. The eviction happened after a dispute.

“This is not where I want to be this is not how I want to thrive as a nonprofit business and that is reaching out to the community,” Settje said.

He says running the nonprofit outside of his home has been a challenge.

“Working outside in this weather you have to go by mother nature and what’s presented to you,” Settje said.

Settje’s endured it all from snow to scorching temperatures.

“I’ve added my carport over in my driveway in my garage and that is where I function during my bad days,” Settje said.

The weather hasn’t been his only setback, Settje says he’s been getting hit by thieves. By his count, at least 10 bikes have been stolen this year.

“Two days ago, somebody grabbed a bike from here and tried to ride it across the yard dropped it grabbed another one took off down the hill and the one that they took down the hill the brakes weren’t hooked up so hopefully, they didn’t get hurt,” Settje said.

Gary Kirkpatrick recently moved in nearby. He noticed the piles of bikes and he believes Settje’s nonprofit deserves better.

“I believe the community should try to step up. This gentleman certainly would like to have a location inside where he can work on the bikes,” Kirkpatrick said.

Settje’s only focus is to make sure all the bikes he repairs get to kids.

“We give these bikes to people who can use them to go back to work and school and get freedom away from home stress and trauma,” Settje said.

Team Bike Rescue is in the current process of searching for a new building, but they’re still open to receiving any help from the community.