5-year-old Omaha first responder makes call to save big brother

With the 15-year-old feeling chest congestion, he stayed home from school at Omaha Central and was able to watch his little brother while mom went to work.
6 News WOWT Daybreak at 4:30
Published: Nov. 2, 2022 at 10:54 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Though 10 years older, Toryeon’s always watched out for his little brother Viktor. But Tuesday morning, it was the little guy who had his back.

With 15-year-old Toryeon feeling chest congestion, he stayed home from school at Omaha Central and was able to watch his little brother while mom Victoria went to work. When the five-year-old prankster Viktor called mom at her new job to say Bobo—that’s what he calls big brother—had fallen in the shower, mom was sure he was joking, so she ignored it.

“So I’d say about three minutes later, he calls back and he’s like, ‘Mommy, Bobo fell down in the bathtub and he’s not moving!’ Victoria Mack said. “I was like, take the phone in there, I need to know he’s not moving.”

When she saw on FaceTime that Toryeon wasn’t moving, she called Douglas County dispatch and raced home.

“The [911] operator says to me, you know Victoria, I need you to calm down, I need you not to speed, it’s our job to speed, and we’ll get there.”

In and out of consciousness, Toryeon was getting sicker, throwing up, and blacking out, Viktor trying to explain what he saw in the tub.

“I told her it was like he was drowning,” 5-year-old Viktor said. “My mom called the ambulance, I slapped him in the face but he wouldn’t wake up.”

“I could hear him crying, I could hear everything,” Toryeon said. “But I just couldn’t see anything.”

The dispatcher took it from there, and emergency services arrived at a hero’s welcome, starting with Viktor, the first responder.

“And then I woke up to like, five different firefighters in my room,” Toryeon said.

“I remember the ambulance driver when he got in the door he told me your son is so smart,” Victoria said. “He was like, he opened the door, he took us right to where we needed to be, he wasn’t scared, I was just grateful he wasn’t scared, he just knew what to do, because most five-year-olds, you think they’re not listening, so I’m grateful he was paying attention.”

“What makes it even more remarkable is that Viktor doesn’t know the password to Toryeon’s phone. But he knew he could open it with his Face ID, just like his brother’s.

“When I woke up he was fine,” Toryeon said.

Viktor chimed in. “I was fine.”

“He was acting like it was just any other day,” Toryeon added.

Just any other day for the five-year-old hero, except for the present mom got him for being such a good little brother, a Mega Stomp Giganotosaurus.