Wedding moved to Grand Island due to Bovee Fire

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Published: Oct. 7, 2022 at 10:45 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - The Bovee Wildfire has affected many in North Central Nebraska including one couple that was forced to relocate their wedding.

Jami Foster and Jared Denny will still have their wedding thanks to one of University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s hospitality class, Class for Advanced Events; choosing them as the couple students will plan and decorate a wedding for. The crew has been working overtime to finish the job.

“This past week we’ve been working to secure new vendors, new catering, and new decorations as well,” said Maycee Quick, the event’s leader. “As a group we’ve been planning a new menu, as well new spaces for our bride and groom.”

The couple originally planned to host their special day at the state 4H Camp Site on Saturday, but after that was destroyed they were forced to move it. The new location will be at Raising Nebraska at the Nebraska State Fair. The UNL class did a project with Raising Nebraska last year and kept close contact with the organization throughout the year.

“By the time we were about halfway home, we had been told that the venue was no longer usable,” said Addison Roth, communications leader. “So we had to go to plan B and our next location we thought of was another area affiliated with the University of Nebraska and Raising Nebraska was our next option.”

The UNL class only had five weeks to finish up wedding plans and sometimes a back up plan is needed when you’re working on short notice.

“It was a huge sense of relief,” Quick said. “I remember when I first got the call about our venue I was in shock and completely speechless about what we we’re going to do next. So knowing that we can use Raising Nebraska and all the employees at Raising Nebraska and how they offered to help us, it was a huge sense of relief and I’m very grateful for this opportunity.”

The wedding planning class was able to secure Hy-Vee as a food vendor and Visit Grand Island is providing housing for the wedding crew and family. Thanks to the class’ effort the couple was able to keep their wedding on their planned date.