Coaches helping the Huskers deal with scar tissue from the past

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Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 11:11 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - With the way the the 2021 season went and the start of this one, it was natural to lack some confidence. The results didn’t justify it. After all that, the staff believes this team can win the west division and they are delivering that message.

Tuesday Mark Whipple said “I don’t know if they think we can really win every game, we’re good enough I think.”

You don’t normally hear a coach speak that candid about his players, but there is likely a reason why it is appropriate in this situation. Today when asked about that observation from Whipple, Mickey Joseph was right there with him.

“I think he’s right on, look at it now they haven’t won a lot of games, if you were on this team and you lost nine straight would you think you could win every game it’s human nature to doubt yourself. We talk to them about not doubting themselves and we do have high expectations for them but right now I think they’re in a good place mentally as far as what the coaches are asking them to do to win football games, so I think they’re turning over a new leaf, they did it when they finally had it done Saturday night I think now they can see it.”

We likely saw Adrian Martinez work through the same process at Kansas State, after the Wildcats lost to Tulane the coaches wanted him to be play more free, to not focus too much on avoiding turnovers. The reaction was a great one for Adrian and K-State in Norman the next week when they went in and knocked off what was a top ten team. There is a fresh start feel and uncharacteristically the Huskers feel like an underdog. It is a very different role, but one that might work well this fall.