Omaha’s Lo Sole Mio set to open with new owners as ‘The Mio’

Although a much beloved Italian restaurant has closed, it has been revived.
Published: Oct. 4, 2022 at 5:42 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Good news for food lovers: Lo Sole Mio or at least a new version of it is coming back. That’s just one development in the restaurant business for Omaha.

Don and Marie Losole are passing the torch to a new generation of restaurateurs.

In July, Lo Sole Mio closed its doors. The 30-year-old business joined other Omaha staples in closing shop: Anthony’s Steakhouse, Joe Tess Place, the Ethnic Sandwich Shop to name a few.

“We decided to close because of our age, being 74 years old, we thought that we needed to spend more time with our grandchildren,” said Marie Losole. “Another thing that helped to make our decision was the stress of the environment for the restaurant business in this day and age.”

That includes the increased cost of goods and difficulty to find staff.

“We are personal friends with Tony and Denise Fucinaro with Anthony’s Steakhouse. And they closed about six months before we did. And they also had the same reason for closing: their age and all of the environment...And you feel like let the next generation, the younger people, take care of it, because they can handle it.”

The Losoles are putting that faith in Sara and Lance Brown’s family. The new owners of “The Mio.”

The Mio will take on the same concepts as Lo Sole Mio, keeping some staples on the menu as well. Brown said that customers will definitely be welcomed with that famous bread and olive oil as they were at the original Lo Sole Mio.

Depending on how well customers support their business, the owners envision seasonal additions, like a basement wine cellar and rooftop bar.

“You would be a fool not to try to carry on the tradition and pay homage to the 25, 30 plus years of Lo Sole Mio,” said Lance Brown.

Across the street, another new restaurant is in the works.

Elie Berchal is leasing property from the Losoles to open a Puerto Rican bistro. It’ll be called Chinchorro Caribbean Bistro.

Despite the challenges of opening a successful business, they both say it’s worth it.

“Too many times we cry. We’re frustrated. We think we can’t do it. Another day you wake up, you stand up. We say, you know what. We can do it,” said Berchal.

“I don’t see that the community of Omaha and the people who have the memories of what this place was would let a new restaurant fail,” said Brown.

Something that these two rising restaurants have in common is family. That’s also what Don and Marie had in their secret recipe book to keep Lo Sole Mio alive for so long.

“It really just came down to this is kind of a family project,” said Brown. He said his sister and brother-in-law are moving back to Omaha to help run the business.

“This business we’re making is just me and my family. My mom, my kids, my granddaughter,” said Berchal.

“We will back them 100% and help them in every way that we can to make them become successful and carry on that tradition of family and food,” said Losole.

Both restaurants are set to open in the coming months. Berchal hopes her Puerto Rican spot will be open in November, and the Browns hope The Mio will be open in early December.

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