‘Overwhelming’: Fremont Shelter seeks community help after dozens of animals are left unclaimed

Dozens of stray animals are being left unclaimed at a Fremont animal shelter and it's overwhelming many of its volunteers.
Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 6:55 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Furever Animal Shelter has received a constant increase of stray animals in the past month.

They picked up 16 last week and only four of those animals have been claimed.

Martha Bang, the shelter’s president, tells us this is unusual and a bad sign.

“If an animal isn’t claimed within the first 24 hours typically, they don’t get claimed,” Bang said.

Martha said they’re currently at capacity and they’re still receiving more animals. It’s making it harder to get homes for the cats and dogs that were already in the shelter.

“Getting them out is our end goal and into good homes. Getting their veterinary appointments lined up those have also become further out, all the veterinarians are busy.”

It’s not exactly clear why the shelter is seeing more animals coming in.

“There’s all kinds of reasons, people move, their new place doesn’t allow pets, people fall in hard times, and can’t continue to feed or provide that care to that animal.”

Kelli Stuehmer is part of Furever Home, she said every animal at the shelter has a different schedule and it’s sometimes tough keeping up.

“It is physically and emotionally taxing for our staff and volunteers.”

The shelter is now turning to the community for help asking people to temporarily foster the stray pets until they can find them homes.

“If you can open your home to foster an animal for any rescue organization, it helps,” Bang said.

They also want to let pet owners who feel like they can’t take care of their pet that there are resources.

“We do try to help with pantry food if someone needs it.”