Latino Museum commemorates Hispanic Heritage Month with Jose Guadalupe Posada exhibit

One local museum is highlighting the importance of Latin American culture through its Jose Guadalupe Posada exhibit artwork.
Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 4:56 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Jose Guadalupe Posada died nearly 100 years ago, but the Mexican artist is still remembered today for how he spread his message through visual art.

“He was a voice for what was going on during his time,” Magdalena Garcia, director of the Latino Museum said. “He commented on everyday life on things and criticized politicians and laws and events that were happening today.”

Garcia says Posada’s art was just not any art. His use of skeletons in his drawings has inspired generations of artists and is still used in Latin American traditions and holidays today.

“We have an opportunity to highlight an artist who was not only important in his time, but has influenced a generation of artists.”

Particularly in the younger generations. Toni Renardo a visitor of the museum says she’s trying to connect to her Hispanic heritage and the exhibit does just that.

“Coming here and kind of having the refresher of old Spanish classes where we learned about the history and Posada I don’t know it’s bringing me back together with my past,” Renardo said.

Like Renardo, Garcia wants the exhibit to shine a light on who Latinos are.

“As a Latino-specific museum, that’s what we celebrate all year every year not just on May 5 and not just the month that we’re designated,” Garcia said.

For everyone visiting the exhibit, Garcia hopes it can not only represent Hispanic heritage month, but the diversity Latinos hold and visitors can take a piece of that with them when they leave.