Sisters and teammates: A Papillion-La Vista South volleyball family

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Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 10:39 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - At Papio South volleyball is a family affair. Literally. Sisters Kenzie, Kyla, and Kami Drystad are all on the Titans varsity volleyball team this year.

”One time I went back to serve and they were like ‘one of the Dyrstads’ probably serving’ because he like couldn’t think fast enough which one it was,” said junior setter Kyla Dyrstad.

The mix-up could happen to anyone, especially when all three Dyrstad sisters have long blonde hair and names that start with “K.”

”In practice sometimes, me and Kenzie will be back there, and I’ll get called ‘Kenzie’ all the time,” said freshman defensive specialist Kami Dyrstad.

Besides mistaken identity, playing on the same team is actually an advantage for the Dyrstads not only logistically for their parents, but also when it comes to communication on the court.

”You know them on a different level because it’s, like, ‘Oh, I live with them.’ So it’s, like, you don’t have to get out those nerves of playing with people because I see them all the time,” said senior defensive specialist Kenzie Dyrstad.

”We already have like a deeper level of communication. Like, most of the time when you have a back row they have to, like, learn to trust each other and communicate like that. But we already have that built-in trust and communication, so it kinda just flows right in,” said Kyla.

A special moment Kenzie and Kyla have already shared as teammates and sisters is the 2021 Class A state championship. The two oldest sisters hope to hoist the state title trophy again, this time with the help of their younger sister Kami.

”Last year, me and Kenzie won, and that was pretty special. But I think just adding another — considering, I don’t think people, like, rarely see three sisters on one team. So I just think that would be really cool sharing that experience together,” Kyla said.

“It would mean so much more. I mean, it would be cool to play together, but especially since it’s my senior year, and to get to play with two of my sisters would be pretty cool,” said Kenzie.