Husker fans look to future after Scott Frost’s departure

Many Husker fans got what they wanted, Head Coach Scott Frost was fired after another heartbreaking loss.
Published: Sep. 12, 2022 at 4:26 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - At the start of his first season, Scott Frost t-shirts were stacked up and selling out. Expectations were high.

“I think it’s all about Scott Frost and some hope it won’t be another 4-8 season. They’ll be competitive and they’ll be improved.”

But it didn’t happen. After a demoralizing loss, the Frost way, the Frost era ends with a 16 and 31 record - worse than any of the four Husker head coaches fired before him.

Now some of the only Frost memorabilia left for sale is in the clearance aisle. Husker fans are now looking for gear to support the new coach

“In here trying to get a Mickey Joseph hat or something, I got to replace my Frost one. Sorry Scott, it is what it is.”

Many fans are sorry to see the former Husker quarterback fail, but they say Frost had enough time.

“It was probably the right time to do it in my opinion,” Husker fan Josh Lorsch said. “I’m a fan of Scott Frost. I loved him in the 90′s but I think it’s time for a change.”

The beginning of a new era for Huskers fans.

“Yeah I think it was sad and unfortunate but I think it was time,” fan Robin Lorsch said. “It was unfortunately not working out for the fans or for the players so I think it was probably time.”

Legendary WOWT sportscaster Dave Webber has covered the Huskers for decades. Dave says it takes time to build a powerhouse and Huskers fans now want too much too fast.

“I remember when Devany came to Nebraska, took over for Bill Jennings, worked up and worked up got better and better, then they had great seasons,” Webber said. “70-71 won national championships and then they kind of leveled off and Devany handed it off to Osborne. And Osborne worked a 10-12 season until he saw his great progress and then he had his 90′s. There wasn’t a better team in the 90′s in the country.”

It’s that history that makes Huskers fans eager to fly their flag once again over the college football world.