Omaha elementary school unveils mural with purpose

The meerkat is the school mascot. It’s everywhere in the mural.
The unveiling of a schoolhouse mural with purpose.
Published: Sep. 8, 2022 at 6:48 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The unveiling of a schoolhouse mural with purpose.

A nationally recognized artist from Omaha collaborated with a number of students for the finished product. As the students ponder the mural in which they are featured along with their ideas they begin to realize just how permanent, and big they look as depicted in art.

“I’m on the other side of her with my hands up,” said Jackson Chambers.

To Makhai Lamar-Hill, he plans to show it to his kids someday.

“And tell them the full story about it,” said Lamar-Hill.

Shaniya Black never used to like to color or draw but now she’s been inspired.

“We all created it together. We put our brains together and we started it,” said Black.

The artist behind the mural is Watie White.

“Not everyone is going to see it, but the ones who do see it will have a longer reward of being curious about what’s in the mural,” said White.

He sat down with the students at Nelson Mandela Elementary for a week last fall to brainstorm, creating something from a kid’s perspective.

The meerkat is the school mascot. It’s everywhere in the mural. The theme is about the importance of literacy and reading so it’s set in the library.

Allen Lozier, the former head of Lozier the fixture company, and a fixture of philanthropy in North Omaha is even spotted in the corner on a rocket.

“Have Allen be present without being very visible because Allen wasn’t someone who really wanted a lot of attention and focus on him,” said Tre Brashear, Lozier Foundation.

The mural even comes with extra credit, there are letters on certain colors of books in there. Those spell out a secret message created by the youngsters.

The Lozier Foundation received a donation to cover the mural.

Allen Lozier who’s seen in the mural on the rocket died last year.