Exclusive: Alex Jones in Omaha following Sandy Hook defamation trial in Texas

Jones agreed to an interview with 6 News on Thursday afternoon but never showed up
In a 6 News exclusive, we found that Jones is saying he isn't losing any sleep or money despite the judge's ruling.
Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 10:36 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Just days after being ordered to pay millions to families of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, Alex Jones is spending time in Omaha with family.

“I’m not the person they say I am, I have total confidence, I feel good about who I am, I sleep well at night,” Jones told Mary LaVelle, who was having lunch when she heard Jones was nearby and then found herself having coffee across the room from him.

“I just felt compelled to go and to see someone who did something as horrendous as he did to the Sandy Hook families,” LaVelle says.

In a video recorded on her phone, LaVelle approaches Jones and asks him several questions, starting with his thoughts after being ordered to pay millions of dollars to the parents of several victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. For years, Jones has pushed a false narrative that the massacre was a hoax and that the children who were killed were actually actors.

LaVelle shared the 10-minute video with 6 News.

“What I covered a long time ago was a very small part of what I did, and they just misrepresented and made it a huge part of who I was because they made it a campaign issue in 2016,” Jones says. “So, it was really the media that was exaggerating what I said and I could see how that was hurtful to people, and I don’t think families understand how the media took something that was very small and in comparison they blow it up really huge and just exaggerated what I did.”

Jones continued to say the media was to blame, despite sharing the conspiracist ideas on his own radio show and on “Infowars.” Jones agreed to an interview with 6 News Thursday afternoon but never showed up.

“I said I thought that stuff happened six years ago,” he told LaVelle. “But I have a right to question things if I want. At the end of the day, it’s all about trying to silence opposition voices to whatever the corporate narrative is.”

In the video, Jones admits his faults but makes it clear he won’t be paying the nearly $50 million in damages. He says he can’t, even though he was staying at one of the more expensive hotels in Omaha.

“I did make mistakes and so I’ve owned up to that,” Jones says. “I am also completely calm and happy because I don’t even have a million dollars in the bank so they can have a $50 million judgment but it doesn’t mean anything cause I don’t have the money.”

Jones openly answered LaVelle’s questions, even adjusting her camera several times to ensure she was getting good audio and video of him, and encouraging her to post the interview online.

“If you want better audio, I wouldn’t cover the bottom; hold it like this, see, you get better audio that way,” he said, coaching her at technique at a couple of points during their conversation.

LaVelle asked Jones about the accidental leak of his text messages, to which he answers that there was no real smoking gun when it came to the Sandy Hook trial.

“When I asked him some of these questions, I realized that I think he was using me a little bit too, you know, for his bully pulpit, but I certainly think that there was some new information in this interview.”

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