Nebraska medical marijuana supporters hope to see issue on 2022 ballot

State officials are hoping to have enough signatures to get medical cannabis on the 2022 ballot.
Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 5:31 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - State officials are hoping to have the signatures on petitions to put the issue of medical cannabis on the 2022 ballot verified potentially by next week.

There are many people waiting to see how that count turns out.

The Cannabis Factory is one of many cannabis dispensaries in the metro area. People who work there point out that everything sold is completely legal.

“Donald J. Trump, he’s the one who passed the 2018 Farm Bill that made all of this possible,” said Keven Soria with The Cannabis Factory.”

Soria says he would like to see the industry grow and help people in Nebraska who need cannabis for medical reasons.

“For me personally I hope we’re able to provide the state with medical, I mean there’s just so many people. I mean all age levels where parents come in and say they have to go to a different state just to get medicine for their children that suffer with seizures, that suffer with cancer, you name it. It’s heartbreaking.”

Republican leaders in Nebraska have been fighting against medical marijuana for years. And while the GOP in the state pushes back, there are people who are already using forms of cannabis that they say helps them medically.

“See I have anxiety and panic attacks and so it helps me calm down,” Soria said.

CBD cream is another popular product sold in dispensaries and in some retail stores. There are people who have been using the cream for quite some time.

“The main purpose that people use those for is for things like alleviating discomfort caused by arthritis, mainly joint inflammation, bruise control, swelling.”

Soria says there is a difference between cannabis and marijuana. But Soria admits the weed they sell in here can get you high.

“Customers ask me can I drive after I take this and I tell them no wait until you get home because that’s not what we’re going for, this is medicine it really is. And we always tell everyone to medicate responsibly.”

Lately there has been criticism of cannabis dispensaries for their direct mail advertising that some see as being over-aggressive. Sending coupons and offering freebies, and mailing them to homes in the metro. Soria apologized and said they’re simply trying to grow their business.

“I can understand that, I really could understand. If you’re afraid of your children seeing it I 100% get that. If you don’t want your kids to see it just throw it away.”

While signatures are still being validated to put medical cannabis on the 2022 ballot in Nebraska, there are already people selling and using the product in some form.

Organizers need 87,000 valid signatures on both petitions to put medical marijuana on the November ballot. Organizers say they were able to collect more than 90,000 signatures on each petition.

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